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30 Jul

Complains CAN be Good!

Not all complains are BAD!

Getresponse Problem Needs Attention

Today I received a complain from one of my subscriber and it turned out to be a good news that saved me!

Diana (surname removed for privacy), a new subscriber to my newsletter has trustfully subscribed to my newsletter and expected a download link to my report that I promised on my website. Only to received an invalid link that leads to a 404 Getresponse Error page! I  can imagine her frustrations!

Here is the email she sent to me:

“Your link dose not work so I would like you nto take me offyour e-mail list!”

email newsletter

I was totally surprised to receive her email as I have never received any complains about my download links and I have not made any changes to it recently.

I was also surprised to see my download link has turned into a “getresponse link” shown above. So I tested it, clicked on it and true enough it brought me to a getresponse 404 error page!

I can now see where the error lies. Since Getreponse upgraded their service to 6.0 on 06 July 2009, there has been migration issues of several email delivery settings. Many settings have been changed including links tracking.

Getresponse has this feature known as “link tracking” which tracks click through rates of emails sent out as shown below. Although it is a very useful feature,  I usually don’t opt to use this feature in all my emails as I dont want my links to show as “getresponse” and for fear of what has exactly happened.

Getresponse has misdirected my links!

getresponse track links

True enough, I immediately log into my account and found that the feature as been checked! And worst of all, even if I unchecked it, when I go back to edit again, it checked the feature again automatically. So if you saved your email without noticing, it will automatically choose to track links.

So what I can now do is send a support ticket to Getresponse and hope they can solve this problem asap. In the mean time, the trick is to not include any http:// in front of the links in the emails to prevent Getresponse from automatically converting the links into “getresponse tracking links”.

For example:

Getresponse will convert http://www.bobmarketing.com into “getreponse links” but wont convert www.bobmarketing.com

My sincere apologies to my subscribers for this Getresponse problem. Another email is on its way to your inbox with the correct download link.

For those who are using Getresponse service, be sure to check out your follow up emails for this problem before you frustrate your subscribers.


As for Taking off my list or UNsubscribing. I hate spam just like anyone else, that is why all the emails I send come with a unsubscribe link at the bottom as well as a link to change your contact details. So please take note of that if you do decide to take this action.

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One Response to “Complains CAN be Good!”

  1. Helene Says:
    MyAvatars 0.2

    Thanks for pointing out this problem with Get Response to the readers of The Work at Home Family Carnival.

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