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10 Jul

Creative Niche Manager Free Trial

JP, the creator of Creative Niche Manager just announced an incredible deal – Free 30 days trial to Creative Niche Manager

Creative Niche Manager Review

Creative Niche Manager was launched back in Jan 2009 during the Adsense Firesale 4 for $997-$1497 for lifetime access along with other bonuses. The lifetime access was sold out and monthly access was sold for $297 per month with entry fee of $997.

Many founding members were annoyed when JP announced the Free Trial today since we have paid so much for it when it was launched (yap including myself). Although we are assured that we have first access to this system before anyone else. Fair enough.

Anyway, the system is not for everyone. It caters for Niche Marketers who make money mostly from the Google Adsense Program, where they build multiple content sites or portals as their business model. Remember my previous post on JP showing his Google Adsense Earnings live from his account? You can watch the video gain below. Some use the system to create network of sites for link building and SEO purposes as well.

The Creative Niche Manager is also not a software, there is no installation needed. Although, it does comes with many scripts (total 50 modules) installed in the system that you can use for research, website creation and website management. It is built as a centralized management system where you can also add your current sites to the system to manage them from one central location.

Here’s a brief description of Creative Niche Manager:

Creative Niche  Manager is a Brand New, Revolutionary niche marketing platform that will help you  Builds, Manages and Grows Your Business Like Never Before! Around 50 modules and growing covering all aspects of your internet marketing efforts: niche research, keyword research, content management, site design, website generation, website optimization, blog management, site monetization, campaign management, copywriting analysis, PPC keyword tracking and much much more…

creative niche manager

“All My Years Of Research and Testing Have Resulted In The ONE Tool That Will Run AND Expand Your Virtual Real Estate Empire Like Nothing Else.In Fact, You Could Hire 10 Full Time Workers to Build and Maintain Money-Making Sites The Way Most People Try To Do It… And I’ll Wager That One Person Using The Virtual Real Estate Operations Center, Would Make MORE Money Than Those Ten People COMBINED! That’s Why It’s Your Secret Weapon for Massive PROFIT!” – JP

read more about Creative Niche Manager here, details of its components and a 87 minutes webinar of an inside look of the system. But do not order from the components page which states the price of $247.

Click Here Choose special option No.3 for 30 days Free Trial

Choose Option No.3

VIP Offer (by Invitaton Only) /- Creative Niche Manager – Trial + Entry fees waived + 50% discount!
We wanted to make an offer our VIP customers could not refuse. Only customers of our company who have been invited can grab this incredible deal:

  • Unlimited access to Creative Niche Manager platform
  • Support and ALL new modules included as long as you remain a member
  • 1 month free trial, because we want you to take your time to really experience the power of CNM
  • $150 discount on the regular monthly fee: $297 $147!
  • Entry fees waived! A $997 discount
  • Access to all webinars and replays of previous webinar

PS: If you have reach this post much later than the posted date and cannot find the offer as shown above, then the 30 days Free trial may have expired.

Click Here choose special option no.3 for 30 days Free Trial

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